Power - Speed - Focus - Balance - Control

Power - Speed - Focus - Balance - Control

Power - Speed - Focus - Balance - Control Power - Speed - Focus - Balance - Control

About Us




Alfonso's Tae Kwon Do was created in 1980 out of a love and passion for Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. What began with a handful of students being taught in a garage, grew to introducing Korean Karate to thousands of students over the past three decades at multiple locations. We are an inclusive, supportive club committed to helping our students grow and see the positive impact the art has on people's lives. 




​​​​Chung Do Kwan was created in 1944 in Korea by grandmaster Won Kuk Lee. It is the first and original style of Tae Kwon Do. It came to New York City in 1963 through Lee's successor grandmaster Duk Sung Son where it then spread across America. With its roots in Shotokan Karate, Chung Do Kwan emphasizes powerful blocks, kicks and punches. You can find more about Chung Do Kwan here.




Grandmaster Victor Alfonso Sr. began learning Chung Do Kwan in New York in the 1970s under Grandmaster Duk Sung Son and Grandmaster Michael T. Dealy. After moving to New Jersey, Victor continued multiple trips every week to New York but also created Alfonso's Tae Kwon Do and began teaching multiple times every week in New Jersey. Committed to seeing students reach their potential, he has taught thousands of students and has been called upon to lead regional and national events and tournaments. In November of 2018, he was promoted by the Chung Do Kwan Review Board to the rank of 8th dan. Every class is taught by Victor and his son.  

Master Victor Alfonso Jr. began studying Chung Do Kwan at the age of 4 and at age 8 was the youngest student to have been promoted to black belt by Grandmaster Son. A tournament champion and 7th degree black belt, he still considers himself a student of the art. Victor is also an experienced elementary school teacher. This strong teaching foundation, coupled with his experience of karate throughout each stage of his life, has made him uniquely qualified to connect with students of all levels and ages.  He believes strongly in the power of Chung Do Kwan to transform lives. He guides and challenges each student to reach for their personal potential.